Amy of Darkness

Page #50: Road Kill

Wes just doesn't know what to say to all this, he's a decent guy who doesn't understand why this is happening! Maybe he would have felt a little dejected for a minute had Ella just said no to hunting with him, but he would not have had George drive the van around following her to see what she was doing instead. Unfortunately... I've known of this to happen to lady friends before, so yeah... that rant has some personal weight behind it!
As to her choice of "snub" to refer to her interaction, yes she was hardcore ignoring his existence in hopes he'd catch a hint! Some might think that's rude, but he started off rude by invading her personal space and making assumptions about her character. She's been put in an awkward position like this before and knows how most of the responses play out. But she'd hoped that Leroy would care enough about his employment not to try something like this... that he'd just let it go and realize maybe coming at someone with those kinds of lines may not be the best approach.
But, she is right though, these bikers do know Leroy and were keeping pace with the car for a while when they caught up. None of them are hunters, though! He has some deniability here after all.